It just works!

I updated my wordpress install today to the latest 1.5.1-alpha version. Doing that removed the changes I made to the functions-post.php file. It seems they’ve fixed all the problems I’ve mentioned.

I get e-mail now when someone posts a comment, which never happened before. Didn’t have to uncomment those few lines in functions-post.php either. I’m glad to see such quick fixes.

I went into work in Ankeny this morning at 7:00. I had to get up at 5:30 though, so that was really crappy. I haven’t been up that early in quite a while. I didn’t get to bed lastnight till about 3:00 either, so I’m really starting to fall behind on my sleep now. Work is getting better now though, we’ve got the order verification system working pretty much perfectly. I just have to build a query in Access to determine milk orders for certain clients based on the number of meals they order. Fun fun!


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