Is AT&T blocking P2P traffic?

This is interesting stuff. It deals with Mediacom (my ISP) and AT&T. Mediacom customers in Illinois and some parts of Iowa haven’t been able to use any sort of P2P application. This hasn’t been the case for me…I’ve been using BitTorrent without any problems.

Supposedly, a tech guy from Mediacom said he heard that the RIAA told AT&T that those certain areas being affected are high in file-sharing traffic. This leads some people to believe that AT&T is blocking P2P traffic per RIAA’s request. I’m not sure about that though. Verizon told the RIAA to screw off when it tried to obtain info on a Verizon customer so they could sue him.

If AT&T is indeed blocking P2P networks, they should stop soon. Probably 85% of the people affected have said they’ll cancel their Mediacom account if the problem isn’t resolved. People get broadband for P2P. There’s a news piece about it here:

And they’re talking about this in the Slyck forums too:


Well, now what?

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2 thoughts on “Is AT&T blocking P2P traffic?

  1. No need to worry ……
    USE Emule with Obfuscation enabled …..
    No one would be able to block you…. except they are blocking IP addresses….
    if that is the case you can legally “SUE ” any service provider…..


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