Iraq must be bad

About one month till the elections in Iraq. That’s not very long considering the people don’t even know the names of the candidates.

Candidate names are being withheld for security reasons. This is a joke. How can a person make an informed decision at the polls when they don’t have much time to get to know the candidates? A month left and the candidates names haven’t been released. Democracy can’t take root under these circumstances.

Going ahead with the elections is a big mistake. Militias in Iraq have been threatening “don’t vote ~ or else!“. The fact that the Iraqi people don’t even know who they’re gonna be voting for is just silly. The U.S. will end up appointing a president anyway. It’s not like the votes count.

At least the Iraqi people don’t have to deal with T.V. campaign ads for 2 years prior to the election. The whole situation is shit.