Inappropriate for All Ages has officially been shutdown. After a couple months of asking for donations from users to fight MPAA lawsuits, the site has been shutdown.

The message from the MPAA on Lokitorrent is pretty funny. “Illegal Downloading: Inappropriate for All Ages”. And, “You Can Click, But You Can’t Hide”. People using these sites need to start being more “anonymous”. These organizations, MPAA and RIAA, need to learn doing things like this isn’t going to help their cause. People will always steal your products. You might as well get used to it, cuz it’s not gonna stop. When all the bittorrent sites get shutdown, some other P2P technology will come out.

I expect the next big P2P app will employ the use of some sort of anonymizing technology to prevent “paper” trails leading back to downloaders. A redesigned bittorrent would be ideal for implementing something like this because BitTorrent isn’t run off a “central server”.

Anyway, you should check out just for the amusing messages.