In Wisconsin

I came up to my dads house in Wisconsin tonight. I got here around 7:00 I think…I dun really remember. Not sure when I’ll be goin back to Chicago. I’d like to go back to Iowa for new years, I dunno if that will happen or not.

I’m using my step-mom’s (Carol) tablet PC with WinXP on it. It’s pretty neat. It’s nice being able to post this while watching King of the Hill on a 65″ T.V.. The keyboard on this tablet PC is kinda small, but I guess thats the point. This is the first time I’ve gotten to use the wireless connection here at Dad’s since he set it up. Works pretty well. Dad and carol are opening a Coffee Gallery next month. You can view the beautiful website at The name of the coffee shop/art gallery is Wanderlust Coffee Gallery. It sounds like they’ve got a pretty good location, so hopefully everything goes well.