I’m Getting Tired

I don’t really like this theme anymore. I feel limited by it somehow. I will be switching themes off and on for the next few weeks maybe. Trying to find something I like and that’s highly adaptable.

I really, really like the White as Milk theme just because it’s so clean and simple. I alread used that for the official Purfoods website though.

The Zen Minimalist theme is also quite appealing to me, along with the Oxymod theme.

Really though, I think I’ll end up going with a modified version of the Identification Bands theme. The two column version. The only thing I don’t like about that theme is the image for the background. I’m probably gonna modify that theme to make it a little “less” what it is. The blue doesn’t really appeal to me as it makes text in textareas hard to read.

Anyway, it’s gonna be one of the themes listed above, assuming I don’t come across something else. The theme I’m currently using take a little too long to load. I’m mostly looking to have a plainer theme and improved loading times.