I’m Addicted To Halo 3

I’ve been playing a lot of Halo 3 lately. I have yet to finish the campaign on Heroic or Legendary, but I have completed the campaign on normal. I’d say it took me roughly 8 hours of playing to finish on normal, but I did a lot of exploring around the levels.

After I beat the campaign on normal, I started in on multiplayer on Xbox Live. That may have been a mistake, multiplayer on Xbox Live is horribly addictive. It’s not just the online gameplay that’s addictive though, the ability to watch movies of yourself playing is equally, if not more addicting.

Halo 3 records video of all the games you play, weather it’s an online multiplayer game or a single player campaign. You can watch all your videos and choose which ones to save in the Theater, the place in Halo 3 where you can access all sorts of Halo 3 media.

Death on SnowboundOne really neat feature is the ability to take screenshots from your movies. So, if you had an awesome looking kill or something else that you want to remember forever, you can take a screenshot of it and it’ll be sent to your Bungie.net profile for you to download and save later. I’ve been saving all my screenshots and uploading them to Flickr for permanent storage. You can have a look at them here, under my Halo 3 tag at Flickr. The quality of the screenshots is pretty good, they’ve all got a resolution of 1536 x 1152.

My Spartan As Of 10/11/2007Another cool new feature is custom armor for your Spartan or Elite multiplayer character. You can choose from roughly seven different armor styles. You can set different styles for your helmet, left shoulder, right shoulder, and chest plate. The Halo 3 Player Model Generator site lets you see what your Spartan or Elite would look like with all the available types of armor. According to that site, there’s 187,947,000 different armor combinations possible in Halo 3. Some of the Armor styles on that site are available only to Bungie employees, such as the “Flaming helmet” chest plate. Supposedly, using this chest plate makes the players helmet appear to be engulfed in flames. Seems like it’d make a nice sniper target to me…


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9 thoughts on “I’m Addicted To Halo 3

  1. Hi, I just got this for christmas but need to sort out the online gaming settings on my xbox360. Whats ur gamertag anyway? Maybe we can team up?

  2. I am addicted too! It is so exsiting!!! And there are some interesting comments about the Halo 3 Armor here! I completely support your opinion and i am glad that i have found your wonderful site!

  3. I’m addicted to halo and it’s come to a point where my parents took away internet, so now we have no Internet at all, and forbid me to get or even play xbox again. Can someone help me to either become unaddicted or convince my parents, I’m 18 years of age have a girlfriend and a job so can you email me at paul-1992-edwards@hotmail.co.uk and help me?


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