I miss Dropline Gnome

I was an avid Dropline Gnome user. The most recent version of Dropline Gnome doesn’t work at all for me.

Nautilus (the desktop manager) doesn’t run. I’m not even sure if the problem is with Dropline Gnome, or my kernel.

Dropline Gnome 2.8 requires a 2.6.x kernel. When trying to start Gnome in a 2.6.x kernel, I get bunches of errors about /dev/dsp not existing (the sound device).

Now, either udev isn’t working (which is built into the kernel), or hal/dbus isn’t working. From what I’ve read, hal/dbus and udev do about the same thing. Pretty much a dynamic /dev filesystem.

Anyway, I’m frustrated, and somewhat angered. I’m not at all happy with the 2.6.x series of linux kernels. 2.4.x works wonderfully for me, 2.6.x has just been a pain. I want my Dropline Gnome desktop back, and I want it soon.

I’m going to buy a PC to replace my dual processor machine that died. The gateway I got from work isn’t that useful to me. The video card in it blows, and there’s no AGP slot for my Radeon card. The pc I’m looking at buying is pretty much exactly like my other dual processor machine. It’s got a VP6 motherboard, 2x 733mhz P3 procs, and 1.5gb of RAM. I didn’t have that much RAM. The guy is letting it go for $220. The RAM alone is almost worth that much. Hopefully I’ll be able to get Dropline and a 2.6.x kernel working better on that machine. I might even drag out that dead VP6 machine and see if I can’t get it working.