I’m back

This site was down for about a day. Was down while I put my new motherboard and processors in my case and got Slackware all installed. This site is running on a VP6 with 2 Pentium 3 733mhz processors and 1.5gb of memory.

I’ll be switching my cable modem out soon for one I purchased. I dun wanna lease the one from Mediacom anymore…they charge me $3/month for the rental. And the rental is a piece o crap modem. My new one is a Toshiba.

I’m giving the Gateway machine that I got from work to Ashley I think. I don’t have enough room for it @ home, so it’s gotta go somewhere. Ashley doesn’t have a PC, so I figured she could use it.

I’ve got 4 empty Mt. Dew cans setup around my office. It’s been raining all day here and my ceiling is starting to leak. I think the cans should be full by the end of the day. This building is old!