I gotta work

Yah, I gotta work for a little while today. Sorta annoying considering that I didn’t HAVE to work.

Yesterday (thursday), I was told I wouldn’t have to come in on Friday (today). Well, they told me this at 3:30 yesterday, 1.5 hours before I leave. I usually burn backups on Friday. So, I had to burn 15 discs of 9gb of data in 1.5 hours at 4x (stupid cd-rw’s). As you can imagine, that’s impossible to do. So, I came in today to finish burning those backups. I’d be screwed if something went screwy here over the weekend and we didn’t have any fresh backups on Monday.

Anyway, I’m @ work right now. Should be done here in about an hour or so. After that I’m gonna go get Ashley’s Christmas present and go wrap it at Mom’s house I think. Tonight I’m going to Ashley’s parents house for Christmas. Tomorrow I am eating dinner at my Mom’s house. I dunno who else I have to go visit tomorrow. Ashley wants me to go to a couple places with her. I dun think I’m gonna have much free time this weekend.

Oh yah, I dun think I mentioned this, but I bought myself a new cd burner the other day. I had to have one. The one I got from work in that pc I got doesn’t work. And my notebook totally died. I got a new 52x Sony burner. I was gonna get a dvd burner, but Best Buy in Ames didn’t have any I wanted, and they were all over-priced.


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