I’d blast the mofo too

OK, that marine that shot the guy that was “faking he’s fucking dead” did nothing wrong. It’s a war. If I was in a war, and some mother fucker popped up on me, after pretending to be dead, I’d straight kill him.

I was against the whole “kill em all” attitude when this war started. But fuck it. Kill em all. Who the fuck cares? The world population is outrageous anyway. Around 6.5 billion people. Offing a billion shouldn’t be a problem. The dirty killing techniques I’ve heard about these insurgents using is real grimy. It’s a good thing I’m not over there yet.

Also, how can the government willingly call up soldiers that have already served their terms in the military? If I was one of these people, I’d give the finger to the government and move to Canada. I hope the Canadian authorities arrest Mr. Bush for his war crimes next time he goes there.