HTML5Press Lightbox Effect

The most recent poll I posted here indicates that most HTML5Press users would like to see a lightbox-type effect built into HTML5Press.

Would you like a lightbox-type effect built into HTML5Press?

  • Yes (91%, 32 Votes)
  • No (9%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 35

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I thought about adding a lightbox-type feature to HTML5Press with CSS3 but ended up settling on Slimbox2 instead. Slimbox2 is a very small clone of the popular Lightbox image overlay effect.

I have implemented slimbox2 for featured images mostly. So, if you click on a featured image when viewing a single post, the large image will show in the slimbox.

It will also work with images embedded directly in your posts. You won’t have to worry about adding rel=”lightbox” to your image links either, as I’ve added some code to take care of that automatically.

I haven’t officially released a new version of HTML5Press that includes this new feature, but if you’re interested you can grab a development version of HTML5Press from Github.

You’ll need to enable the lightbox effect via the HTML5Press Options page in your WordPress Dashboard. The effect is turned off by default.

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