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The most recent poll I posted here indicates that most HTML5Press users would like to see a lightbox-type effect built into HTML5Press.

Would you like a lightbox-type effect built into HTML5Press?

  • Yes (91%, 32 Votes)
  • No (9%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 35

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I thought about adding a lightbox-type feature to HTML5Press with CSS3 but ended up settling on Slimbox2 instead. Slimbox2 is a very small clone of the popular Lightbox image overlay effect.

I have implemented slimbox2 for featured images mostly. So, if you click on a featured image when viewing a single post, the large image will show in the slimbox.

It will also work with images embedded directly in your posts. You won’t have to worry about adding rel=”lightbox” to your image links either, as I’ve added some code to take care of that automatically.

I haven’t officially released a new version of HTML5Press that includes this new feature, but if you’re interested you can grab a development version of HTML5Press from Github.

You’ll need to enable the lightbox effect via the HTML5Press Options page in your WordPress Dashboard. The effect is turned off by default.

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2 thoughts on “HTML5Press Lightbox Effect

  1. Slimbox is cool, but I guess you should give a thought for implementing Fancybox in future versions it is far more robust, like as many features as prettyphoto…

    1. Not really looking for robust, want something small and minimal. I thought about using the javascript from my thumbnail viewer plugin but decided not to as it’s pretty out dated and not the prettiest.

      I actually looked at using Fancybox as well, but eventually decided to go with Slimbox2.

      The packed fancybox js is 15K and Slimbox2 js is slightly over 4K. All I’m looking for is an image viewer, Fancybox just has too many features that HTML5Press doesn’t need.


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