HTML5Press Featured Posts Slider

HTML5Press has been updated to include a featured post slider. You can view it in action at the HTML5Press demo site.

There are two options associated with the featured post slider. The first option allows you to select which category you want to pull posts from. The second option lets you set the number of posts to include in the featured posts slider. Options there are 5, 10, 15, or 20.

If a featured post has a featured image associated with it, then that image will be displayed, along with contents of the_excerpt().

You can see a screenshot attached to this post if you don’t want to visit the HTML5Press demo site.

To activate the featured posts slider, simply select which category you want to use and save the HTML5Press options. After doing that, the featured post slider will show on your front page. I may add an option later to select what page you want it to show on.

I haven’t released a new, stable version of HTML5Press yet that contains this feature. If you’d like to try it out though, you can download HTML5Press 1.4-rc2 from Github.


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2 thoughts on “HTML5Press Featured Posts Slider

  1. Hello Mr. Longren – you are a don.

    Thank you so much for this epic theme. I taught myself a load of stuff so I could use it instead of the standard wordpress themes. However, I am still an amateur and was wondering if you could point me in the direction of how to change the pink buttons? I trawled through all the code but can’t identify the right bit.

    Thank you very much for any help in advance.

    1. Hi Ollie,

      Do you want to change all the pink to something else?

      If so, open up the style.css file in a text editor. If you have your new color picked out, do a search and replace in style.css. Search for F83D87 and replace it with the color of your liking.

      F83D87 is the pink color, so everything pink will be replaced with your new color.

      I may end up adding a color switcher to the theme options page, so people can make this type of change more easily.

      Let me know if you get stuck or need more help.


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