HTML5Press 2.5.3

If you’re new around here, you might think I release a new version of HTML5Press every day. I don’t. It hasn’t seen this much development since it’s initial release over 2 years ago.

2.5.3 is another small update that removes the “custom logo url” field from the HTML5Press theme options page. It also adds support for built-in WordPress header functionality. So, if you go to Appearance in your Dashboard, then to Header, you can set a custom header image.

Now, HTML5Press wasn’t designed with a header image in mind. Because of that, I decided to stick with the default image size specified in this article on ThemeShaper. The custom-header.php file in the root html5press directory is basically an exact copy of the custom-header.php that you’ll find in the ThemeShaper article.

I updated the theme submission ticket and attached a copy of HTML5Press 2.5.3. I also asked the reviewers to please not waste their time with reviewing 2.5.1 or 2.5.2, it’s exactly that, a waste of time. Fairly certain I won’t have to change many more things around before HTML5Press is finally accepted into the WordPress Theme Directory. But, who knows.

As usual, new versions of HTML5Press, including 2.5.3, can be downloaded from the HTML5Press page.


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11 thoughts on “HTML5Press 2.5.3

  1. Many thanks for the new version.

    Just a couple of questions, though. First, it appears that the Twitter widget is not working for some reason. How can this be fixed? Second, what do I need to do to have several navigation menus?

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Ido, I had to remove the Twitter Widget. You can read why here:

      Several nav menus can be achieved with the “custom menu” widget in WordPress. The only widget areas in the theme are in the sidebar, so your extra navigation menu would have to appear in the sidebar.

      Where were you thinking you’d like to have the other menus located? I may be able to add a new widget area where you want them so you can use the custom menu widget.

      1. Hi Tyler, thanks for the reply.

        The nav menus I have in mind would be located just below the header – just like on your site here (currently the theme allows only one menu there. Or did I get it wrong?) Is there a widget for that?

        1. No, you’re exactly right Ido. I’ll add a new widget area that will allow you to drop a Custom Menu widget in there.

          Do you want it above the built-in menu area, or below it?

          Let me know and I’ll get it added either later on tonight or after I’m done working tomorrow. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to get it setup though. Once it’s ready I’ll push the update to GitHub and will get the download link for ya.

          1. Alright – my bad. Apparently, I mistakenly tried to add separate menus for each item. Corrected it now. Sorry about the hassle, but many thanks nonetheless. I really appreciate it.

  2. Actually, a couple of other questions – is there any way I can resize the header’s font? Also, could you recommend a Twitter widget?

      1. Hi Tyler,

        Many thanks for this, and sorry for the belated response.

        I’ve followed your instructions but, oddly, the header’s font size stays the same despite multiple attempts to change its value in that line in the style.css …

        1. Damn. Also, sorry for my late reply here.

          I’m sending you an email so we can discuss more specific things about your site, out of public view.

          Is the email you used to post these comments your real email?

          If so, I’ll email you at that address.


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