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I released HTML5Press 2.5, 2.5.1, and 2.5.2 early, early this morning. Why so many versions? Well, I’ve decided I need to get HTML5Press into the WordPress Theme Directory. Version 2.5.2 is all that you should care about though, unless you used the Twitter widget that was included with HTML5Press, in which case you might be upset with me (but it’s not all bad, keep reading).

I’ve had to remove the Twitter widget from HTML5Press as it had some simple caching functionality that required writing to and retrieving data from the filesystem. This isn’t appropriate behavior for WordPress themes, so I had to remove at least the caching piece before I could even submit HTML5Press for inclusion. Instead of chopping up the widget, I decided to entirely remove it. The Twitter widget that was included with HTML5Press can be downloaded as a standalone WordPress plugin, released by Matthias Siegel.

Also, WordPress won’t let you submit a theme for inclusion if it’s got any weird characters in the version, like a dash, which I use when building new versions of HTMl5Press (2.4-rc1, etc). So, I first had to bump up the version number to attempt uploading to the Theme Directory. Another version bump to fix an issue I found, and another version bump to remove the Twitter widget.

I haven’t updated the notification system that notifies you about new versions of HTML5Press. It still thinks the latest version is 2.5, which I’ll probably leave as-is until I get this theme accepted into the Theme Directory. Once it’s in the Theme Directory I’ll probably drop the custom update notification stuff all together.

I’m betting on it getting rejected this time around. Will probably need to implement the WordPress recommended way of uploading a custom logo, and remove the existing setup I’ve got to handle that.

HTML5Press will stick at the 2.5.x version for a while. I’m gonna keep using the 2.5.x versions to release new updates for re-submission to the Theme Directory. So, additional 2.5.x releases probably won’t include much in the way of new features. After it’s been accepted, I’ll start implementing new features again and will bump the version up to 2.6.


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