HTML5Press 2.2

HTML5Press 2.2 is available for download. You can grab it from the HTML5Press page. A detailed list of changes can be found at Github.

Probably the most notable change in 2.2 is the addition of a “follow me” button to the Twitter widget, which you can see in the featured image attached to this post. It’s enabled by default, but can be turned off from the widget options.

Hashtags in the Twitter widget are now clickable, just like links and @names. I committed this change to the original Simple Twitter Widget, created by Matthias Siegel.

I also fixed an issue where small fonts were being applied to any label element, even when label wasn’t being used in a form. This made the title for the new “subscribe widget” from JetPack 1.2 be really small. So those of you using that widget should see an improvement.

Other notable changes:

You can see all the changes at Github. You can download version 2.2 from the HTML5Press page.

Report any issues in the comments on the HTML5Press page or open up an issue at Github.