HTML5Press 1.7

HTML5Press version 1.7 is available for download.

Notable changes:

Those are all the major changes. You can find a detailed list of all the changes at Github.

If you see anything that needs fixed, please create a new issue. If you have a problem that you think is specific to your setup, you can leave a comment here or at the HTML5Press page.

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    After using a dozen themes over the years, I like this one is sublime. Thanks mate, appreciate your effort. Once I finish the site, I will share the link with you.
    It will be really helpful if you can tell me how to add an AJAX contact form to this v1.7 theme.

    Cheers and Fare thee well

    • I would just use a plugin like Contact Form 7 to achieve that.

      I have been contemplating adding a real HTML5 contact form template page that you could use as well, not sure I’ll ever do it though. Plugins are the way to go.