How-To: Full Featured Time-Lapse on Android

I’ve used Lapse It for a long time. I didn’t use it often enough to buy the Pro version though. I discovered an app named Droid Timelapse the other day, and I love it. Droid Timelapse is developed by Neximo Labs.

Droid Timelapse has a really nice user interface. It’s also got a lot of features that you don’t get in the free version of Lapse It.

If you want to take a time-lapse photo now and then, I’d definitely suggest Droid Timelapse. Lots of features, it’s free, has no ads, and has awesome reviews on the Play Store.

There’s a pro version of Droid Timelapse as well. It allows recording with the screen off and allows you to set custom capture rate intervals, up to 24 hours. It’s tempting to buy the pro version just to support development, but I really don’t use the app often. Maybe a few times a year when there’s some cool clouds rolling overhead.

I’ve included a gallery of screenshots below, but you’ll have to be viewing the full article to see them, they won’t show up on the front page.


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