How Did I Survive Before?

I’ve been using the Spam Karma 2 plugin for WordPress to battle comment and trackback spam. Before deploying Spam Karma 2, I’d awake every morning to roughly 100 comment and trackback spams.

Since I’ve been using Spam Karma 2, I haven’t had to manually delete a single piece of spam or even moderate any. This piece of software should come bundled with WordPress, it’s that good. As of my writing this, Spam Karma 2 has caught 415 seperate pieces of spam.

I can’t even explain how it goes about determining whats spam and what isn’t. You’ll just have to read the website if you’re interested in that. It’s a really well written piece of software and well thought out. The author did an extremely good job with it.

I’ve also got a major referer spam problem. Referer Karma, from the same author, will be put in use here shortly. I had been using a very simple method for blocking referer spam. The method I currently use is another WordPress plugin, but I constantly have to edit it’s data file to keep up with spamming referer hostnames. Referer Karma should eliminate this need. I may just see if I can’t hack the current referer spam plugin to use the domain blacklist that Spam Karma 2 keeps. Spam Karma 2 adds all the domains I want to block as referers to it’s domain blacklist. It’s really a wonderful plugin.