How Dare You President Bush?

This is too good to pass up. Everyone in the world knows that George W. Bush is to blame for basically every problem the world has. It’s just a fact. For example: The Iowa vs. Iowa State game is this weekend in Ames. It’s entirely Bush’s fault it’s in Ames. Now I won’t be able to get around quickly to my usual destinations. In relation to that I’ll end up spending more money on gasoline. It’s in Ames because there’s a slightly higher black population in Iowa City rather than in Ames. And you know, Bush hates black people, so the fewer the better. I’m just glad to see that our president is able to keep on top of so many things.

Yah, I don’t really have much talent for satire, so I’ll just let you read the good stuff for yourself. This is the first time I’ve seen Six Meat Buffet “lash out” at president Bush like this. πŸ˜‰

Bush is getting blamed for basically everything. It’s not even humanly possible for one man to be responsible for everything people are blaming on him. It’s sad but also totally funny. The left in this country will believe anything they read on Daily Kos or Democratic Underground. Their brains have gotta be almost totally wasted away.

H/T: Rusty @ The Jawa Report


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9 thoughts on “How Dare You President Bush?


  2. Come again? Lower prices doesn’t equal more money for the companies. They’d have to start selling more to make up for the price drop.

    OPEC should be strung up as they practice price gouging like I’ve never seen it practiced before. They’re takin it to the eXtreme man!

  3. What don’t people understand about the Law of “Supply and Demand”. If OPEC sells crude for $40 / barrell they would have to ration what they sold or “brokers” (me I hope) would buy as much as they could and resell it at the market value and the final consumer would pay just as much as they would anyway. Duh. “It don’t take a rocket scientist”.

  4. Yah George, but they take advantage of supply and demand. Hence why I said it’s price gouging.

    One organization of 11 countries controls most of the worlds oil supplies. I’m not talking about oil companies here in the states price gouging, I’m talkin OPEC as it’s own entity, ripping off oil companies in the U.S. and elsewhere.

    What’s it cost OPEC to produce one barrel of oil? Between one and two dollars per barrel. What’s their going rate now for one barrel? $58.43 per barrel. You can’t tell me that’s not price gouging.

  5. My personal view: There is NO SUCH THING as price gouging. It is an invented term. The best price is always the highest price the customer is willing to pay. It works for cars, candy bars, and gas. If I, as a seller, do not take full advantage of the market, then the market will take advantage of me. Case in point… I love Diet Mountain Dew. I prefer the 6-packs of 24 oz bottles. They’re just perfect for some reason. If and when they ever go on sale, I buy lots and lots of them. Good for me, bad for the retailer… Or is it? The retailer can make the same amount of money as he would if he sold more six packs at a higher price, if he sells more at a lower price. The question, of course, is can he get a large enough supply to sell at a lower price and still get his money? If he can, he has a sale. If not, he holds his price higher, and I buy my six packs one at a time. See how that works? Same thing for oil. As long as the world market is willing to buy oil at 67 bucks a barrel, that is what it gets sold for. OPEC does not set prices, just supply amounts. Traders bid for oil based on the amount of supply. Price trickles down from there, with everyone adding a bit of profit along the way. And damnit, I should have posted this at my site. Oh well, at least give me some blogroll-age or something.

  6. Thanks for the comment Chip. You’ve successfully swayed my point of view on this subject.

    I think I can manage some blogrollage for you. Your topics are right there along the lines of what I enjoy reading. And ya gotta be worthy if you’re a Jawa Report reader. πŸ™‚

  7. Well I can see a few nice things coming from this, the biggest being:

    Bush will be too busy trying to keep his head above all the shit that has been happening lately – America, the superpower might have to put off invading other countries for a while.


  8. Glad that I could help with that. I had that in me just waiting to get out, and the laptop crashed twice while I was trying to post about price gouging on my blog. I guess that this was meant to be. You were supposed to be converted, and I was the chosen vehicle. Anything else you need, you know where I am. And I have opinions about everything…


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