Harriet Miers

I woke up just in time to see Bush announcing his nomination for the next SCOTUS position yesterday morning. I was still pretty groggy so I didn’t really gather that much from it.

I haven’t really read much about her yet, she looks to be a pretty nice lady though. Lastnight, I was watching FoxNews for a little bit. Someone was bitching because Harriet Miers is a “total unknown”. “Total unknown” is a little extreme I think, considering that googling her name yielded 60,000+ results not long after Bush had made the announcement.

Just goes to show that Bush can’t please anyone, no matter what he does. Had he nominated Jesus H. Christ himself, people would have bitched, mostly the religious right probably. I’m not just talking about the left here, I’m talkin everyone that has their own little agendas that don’t help our country at all.

Miers was a former lawyer for Microsoft. She basically protected them from various class action lawsuits. Also, she’s pro-life. I can already tell I’m not gonna like this lady. She helped Microsoft retain their monopoly. She doesn’t think grown women are able to make their own decisions that affect their own bodies.

She may not take that stance publically, but that’s the impression I get from what she’s been found to do in the past. Maybe I’m totally off and she’s really just that Rachel Dratch lady from SNL.

Stephen Bainbridge thinks she’s a B+ pick and the Supreme Court deserves an A+ pick. He couldn’t be more right. Sean at The American Mind thinks there’s just not enough known about her at this moment, kinda like the position we were in with Roberts.

And the Political Teen has an open trackback post.


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