Halo 3 Screenshot Site

There’s some truly amazing looking screenshots people have taken in Halo 3.  I absolutely love the fact that you can take screenshots from Halo 3 matches, I could spend hours watching movies looking for good screenshots to take.

i <3 halo 3 is a site that features some of the best Halo 3 screenshots I’ve ever seen.   If you want your screenshots featured on the site, just get in touch with bs angel, the site operator.  bs angel will browse through your screenshots at bungie.net.  If she finds something good, she may post the screenshot to the blog. Now, go check it out!

  • these are great! just shows how underrated the graphics in halo 3 are

  • Wow! What a great site!
    I’m a huge Halo 3 fan, but never seen this website. Thanks for pointing to this amazing site!