I just learned about Gware. It’s an unintrusive Gnome install for Slackware. Gnome is no longer being included in future Slackware releases. Gware is meant to act as a replacement for the Gnome that’s no longer in Slackware. Below is a little description about Gware and why it’s here.

The GWARE project is a small team of 3rd party Slackware developers focused on creating a robust, unintrusive GNOME packaged for Slackware linux. The default GNOME installation on Slackware is incomplete, and now faces the possibility of being dropped completely. The GWARE project formed to ensure Slackware users who wanted GNOME that it would remain available, up-to-date, and include important capabilities left out of the official installation (such as support for cups printing).

We make it a priority to integrate with an existing install seamlessly. If we replace an official package it’s because GNOME requires it. Such replacements (upgrades) should always be inconsequential.

There’s always Dropline Gnome, but some people don’t like using it as it modifies your system pretty heavily. I’ve been using Dropline Gnome for about 2 years or more, and I totally love it. Dropline definately has the most polished Gnome desktop for Slackware, hands down. The themes they’ve been coming out with are freakin beautiful! Two of the themes were in the Top 5 at for a while.

Did I mention I love Gnome?


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