GoogleBlog Moved

I saw this on Search Engine Roundtable a day ago or so. Dunno why I didn’t post it before.

I was checking my referral logs for today and I noticed referrals from I first thought, is this a copycat site of the original, where the original Google Blog resided. But no, click on and it redirects you to In addition, the URL being linked to from the About Google page (see left top) is Not sure when that happened.

So finally, Google added a “What We’re Reading” section. Of course, I am honored to have this site included in the list. Glad you are reading. 🙂

And here’s what Eric from the GoogleBlog team had to say about it:

To make the Google Blog a bit easier to manage behind the scenes, we’re now publishing it to its new home at Blogspot:

Newsreader users shouldn’t have to re-subscribe; the Atom feed is being redirected to its new URL. We’ve also updated the design a bit, and added a blogroll. Let us know what you think.

Seems like a decent choice to me. Although I would have kept the original URL and just used the “Blogger” system. Whatever though.