Google Web Accelerator

Google Web Accelerator was announced today on the Google Blog:

This calls out loud and clear for a way to optimize time. One mundane time-waster we all contend with, for example, is waiting for web pages to load. The tantalizing promise of a web page is only seconds away. But even on broadband, the wait’s too short to do something else – and just long enough to be irritating. Let’s face it, those seconds add up.

As you may have noticed, we’re slightly obsessed with speed around here. When you search on, your results are returned to you within fractions of a second. And now comes Google Web Accelerator. After you download it, we hope you’ll enjoy that same Google-fast experience across the rest of the web. After all, seconds add up to minutes.

Google Web Accelerator

Looks pretty neat. I thought it only worked in Internet Explorer to begin. After installing it however I noticed it showed up in Firefox too! That’s kick ass that Google is building support for Firefox in their tools now too. I knew this time would come soon. Pretty neat!

HOWEVER, when Google Web Accelerator is enabled, I’m unable to post entries to this blog and a few other things. I also can’t login to site that sets a cookie or temporary session id when it’s enabled. Gonna have to read a bit more about it. And…I dunno about Internet Explorer and I don’t care.