Google Talk is Here

Google Talk was announced lastnight. It’s still in beta and requires a gmail username and password to use. IfElse has a pretty decent summary of what Google Talk is exactly:

*They’re using Jabber, an open protocol rather than their own proprietary system.
*They allow and support the use of other IM clients rather than
deliberately blocking other software as Yahoo, AIM and MSN have done.
*It works off your GMail account which doesn’t expire like hotmail and AOL accounts
*Builtin GMail notifier
*Free with no ads

Mark Evans discusses what this means for Skype. Seems like this will bump Skype’s numbers up a ways.

Smash’s World has a good how-to for getting Google Talk working with Gaim. And Development on a Shoestring was talking about this before the official announcment was even made.

Search Engine Roundtable also has some good notes about Google Talk while John Battelle’s Search Blog has a bunch of information. He’s got various reviews from various websites.

Below is a screenshot I just took.
Google Talk


Well, now what?

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2 thoughts on “Google Talk is Here

  1. Kopete and GAIM can connect via Jabber (this is the protocol used by Google Talk). All you need to do is changed the server name. 🙂

    If you want to know how, I can fish the link out.

  2. heh, I know. I’ve connected with Gaim to other Jabber servers before. I connected to lastnight with Gaim too. I do enjoy the official Google Talk client for windows though. I love the way it integrates with Gmail.


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