Google Talk is Here

Google Talk was announced lastnight. It’s still in beta and requires a gmail username and password to use. IfElse has a pretty decent summary of what Google Talk is exactly:

*They’re using Jabber, an open protocol rather than their own proprietary system.
*They allow and support the use of other IM clients rather than
deliberately blocking other software as Yahoo, AIM and MSN have done.
*It works off your GMail account which doesn’t expire like hotmail and AOL accounts
*Builtin GMail notifier
*Free with no ads

Mark Evans discusses what this means for Skype. Seems like this will bump Skype’s numbers up a ways.

Smash’s World has a good how-to for getting Google Talk working with Gaim. And Development on a Shoestring was talking about this before the official announcment was even made.

Search Engine Roundtable also has some good notes about Google Talk while John Battelle’s Search Blog has a bunch of information. He’s got various reviews from various websites.

Below is a screenshot I just took.
Google Talk