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I had been using personalized Google for quite a while as my homepage. Mostly because I haven’t gotten a Feedlounge account yet. Anyway, I noticed some changes to personalized Google this morning. They added the ability to add many more news sources.

It’s now possible to store bookmarks with Google. You just add a few URL’s and their descriptions and they’ll be listed on your personalized Google homepage. RSS feeds can also be added now, which is awesome! It’s a pretty basic RSS feed reader but it works for me. It doesn’t show any detail on the RSS feed stories, but it does grab the titles and provides a link to the entire story.

I knew this feature was coming soon, just wasn’t sure when. I half expected to see this when I got back from Colorado, a couple days later works I guess. Diggity over @ They’re Just Words says personalized Google is now his official homepage. If I wasn’t using it as my homepage before, I definately would be now just because of the RSS features. Search Engine Hearld also makes note of the added features.

And of course, Search Engine Roundtable, has all the info along with links to forums discussing these newly added features to personalized Google. If you haven’t tried personalized Google out yet, I suggest you at least give it a shot.


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