Good Job HP

Saw this on Blogs of War this morning. Seems HP is learning the fallbacks of company blogs. An HP customer made a comment on a HP employees blog critisizing the company to a certain point. The customers comment was initially removed but has been added to the blog again. HP can’t just delete someone’s comment if it doesn’t speak kindly of HP. Well, they could since it’s all hosted on their servers, but they shouldn’t. And they decided not to leave it deleted for too long, like the good company they are.

We’re learning more and more about our customers every single day. Since I started to blog back in March, I’ve received comments posted online and eMail directly to me. Some are positive and some are negative. Earlier this week, an HP customer posted a comment about his experience upgrading a media center PC. His experience was not good and he let us know. We pulled the comment. This was a bad decision and we have reversed it.

This was a good learning experience for us and we strive to maintain honest and open communication with our customers. If we are going to use blogging as a legitimate connection between us and our customers, we need to choose either to be in all the way or out. We choose to be in. We want to hear from you.

They have to realize that not everyone’s opinions on their products are going to be positive. Listening to feedback from customers is an important part of customer service, even if the feedback is negative. I’m glad they decided to allow the comment.