Good Bye Spam Karma 2. Hello Akismet.

Done Using Spam Karma 2Spam Karma 2 has served my well over the last year or two. As you can see from the image, SK2 stopped 76,264 pieces of comment spam from being published. Before Akismet was around, Spam Karma 2 was the plugin most people went to for spam protection.

Since Spam Karma 2 hasn’t been showing any signs of life lately, I’ve decided to ditch it in favor of Akismet. I know for a fact Akismet is being actively developed. Also, I know for a fact that Akismet fully supports WordPress 2.1. I’m pretty sure SK2 isn’t fully WordPress 2.1 compatible. I’m not sure though, I say that because I thought I read of some WordPress 2.1 users having lots of problems with SK2. I could be way off though, I can’t find whatever it was I thought I was reading now.

Anyway, Akismet is now protecting this blog from comment spam. I’m not anticipating any problems, but who knows. If you have problems posting comments please get in touch with me via the contact form.


Well, now what?

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18 thoughts on “Good Bye Spam Karma 2. Hello Akismet.

  1. Thanks Matt! I’ve had absolutely no problems with Akismet, as expected. 🙂

    The thing I really like about Akismet is it’s simplicity. There’s no configuration required for Akismet to work 100%. On the SK2 side, there’s at least 20 configuration options. If one option isn’t configured properly, SK2 will likely let spam slip through or it’ll give false-positives, preventing legitimate comments from being published.

    Thanks again Matt!

  2. I’m currently running SK2 on WP2.1 without any problems so far..
    When Akismet was first bundled with wordpress, I was willing to try it out, but eventually I didn’t as it seemed registration was required.

  3. Wow Tyler, you switched!

    As you may probably remember, I started using SK2 because of your recommendation. I kept using SK2 because frankly, it “just works”. Yeah, even on my 2.1 installation.

    However, I would like to know if you ever stumbled on those SK2 incompatibilities issue with WP2.1, I hope you could share it with me.

  4. Yup, decided to make the move to Akismet Azmeen. I personally never had any issues with SK2 and WordPress 2.1, thank God. I thought I clicked a link from a trackback on the SK2 page which took me to a blogger who was having issues with SK2 and WordPress 2.1. It’s possible I was hallucinating.

    I found this post interesting, he’s dropping Akismet in favor of Spam Karma 2. He’s going in reverse!!

  5. The only issue I have after I upgraded WP is related to a mail digest (SK2-)plugin I’m using. I tweaked it because of a bug and now the bug is back 🙂 Maybe it’s just my hosting provider who did a rollback (happens from time to time ;))

  6. I found this post interesting, he’s dropping Akismet in favor of Spam Karma 2. He’s going in reverse!!

    Oh heck! Looks I missed a follow-up type post on that “Trading Akismet for SK2” post. I hate it when I slip and now late to boot.

    But to clarify things a bit here, I had to drop Akismet for awhile when Akismet had problems with their servers and my “spamments” caught by the plugin were being deleted immediately rather than being held in the Akismet queue for me to check over. A few other bloggers I had found we’re experiencing the same problem. On the basis of “sometimes a few real comments get caught as well” I dropped Akismet for SK2 until the problem was repaired (it was and good job too) and I’ve been using both plugins together since then. They do make a sweet pair.

    Gotta stay on the ball here. I’m slipping.

  7. […]
    I also added Spam Karma to supplement Akismet. With its default settings, it seems to be more lenient than Akismet. I had Spam Karma process the spam that Akismet had already filtered. SK approved some of the spam, which resulted in the comments showing up in the blog, and added some of them to the moderation queue. Note that Akismet had already treated the comments as spam. So I had to train SK to recognize those messages as spam.
    SK also instructed to use its moderation interface to moderate comments, instead of the default.
    by gsub_spamCarma_1186990996[…]

  8. thanks for the solid data:

    “I could be way off though, I can’t find whatever it was I thought I was reading now.”

    cutting edge blogging!!!

  9. From what I hear, SK 2.3 works with WP 2.5 — good news for my upgrade plans. I’ve considered moving to Akismet, but I wasn’t impressed when I tried it out with Movable Type. To each his own, I suppose.

    You have a point about the many configuration options of SK. It took some time to tweak mine just right, but it’s served me well ever since.

    kabari wrote:

    dang I wish they had something like that for TextPattern

    If you’re talking about Akismet, they do.

  10. Adam, I am indeed back on Spam Karma 2. I found it to be lower maintenance and simply better at catching comment spam than Akismet is.


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