Gonna get a DVD Burner

I think I’m gonna go pick up a dvd burner this evening after work. Not sure yet as to what I’m gonna get. I just know I need one. I bought a 160Gb hard drive a few months ago, it’s about 90% full now. I wanna free up some space on it by burning some of the files to DVD’s.

I was thinking this one from Wal-Mart looks pretty good. It’s an HP 16x DVD+/- Double-Layer LightScribe Drive. Those LightScribe drives are pretty cool. They have the ability to etch labels directly onto the DVD. So no more crappy looking titles/labels made with sharpie markers.

Not quite sure what I’ll end up getting yet, but I’m definately gonna get something.


Well, now what?

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3 thoughts on “Gonna get a DVD Burner

  1. My 16x DVD burner serves me well. Burned a simply 700 MB CD the other day in 8 minutes, give or take. Get one, and make sure it’s good!

    Good luck hunting,


  2. Whoa! Fuck that. Definately not gonna go for that. I was gonna read some more about em before I go get one. Didn’t get around to it lastnight, but I’m glad you’re lookin out for me. 🙂


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