Go to sleep!

That’s what my notebook did lastnight. It went to sleep. The display is working on it again, but I think the hard drive went out on it. It just restarted itself yesterday while I was @ home. I was waiting for it to come back up, but it never did. It gave the good ole “Operating System not found” message. I am gonna try installing Slackware on it tonight when I get home from work. I’ll might even get another hard drive for it and use it as a router since the display doesn’t work to well (hasn’t worked at all the last 3 months up until now).

But anyway, that’s about all that’s going on. We had the company Christmas party last Friday. It was alright. Company Christmas parties aren’t exactly my thing though. I got a few gifts and a Christmas bonus.

Today I’m meeting with the owners to discuss our database problems and why we need to move away from Access ASAP. The Access database has about 1 million rows total. And has 5 users accessing the data at any one time. It’s not good.