Give it Up!

Congress is again trying to push the adoption of a $1 coin. Why waste money on this shit? It’s pretty obvious nobody wants them or will use them. The new coin passed by a vote of 422 to 6 in the house. The article speaks of how supporters realize the dollar coin is the “Rodney Dangerfield” of American money. Because the new coin would be a supplement for paper money, not a replacement. I realize that but I’m not supporting another $1 coin. It’s a waste of money to even attempt it again. But oh well, what’s the opinion of a lowly sheep matter?

Read more about it on CNN Money.


Well, now what?

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2 thoughts on “Give it Up!

  1. Collectors will like them. I may have to collect some. You’ll thank me 50 years from now, when I leave my valuable collection to you.

  2. These coins could work, but merchants are loathe to take them, and vending machines don’t accept them either. And if they are going to insist on one, though, they should make it SO MUCH BIGGER than a quarter that the size represents the value. Even the Sacagewea coins look too small for what should be a dollar.

    If Congress were really smart, they’d stop making pennies and force merchants and sellers just to round up to the nearest five cents for any point of sale transaction.


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