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I’m partial to Bootstrap, but have recently strayed away from it because I found myself relying too heavily on the default styles. Next I tried Zurb Foundation which I really liked. I used it to build the blog and main site.

There’s a crap ton of front-end frameworks. Some are barebones, like Skeleton, and others are full featured, like Bootstrap and Foundation.

To help make sense of it all, put together a GitHub repository dedicated to indexing all (or most) of the frontend frameworks. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re in the market for a new framework or just want to see what options are out there.

Lately I’ve been using Purecss. I think it’s a nice middle ground, providing just enough to get me going quickly on most projects. Purecss can also make use of some Bootstrap elements and scripts, like modals. I’ve been using Purecss with It forces me to come up with design elements not part of the framework itself, but only where needed.

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Update Dec 12, 2013: A few comments were left noting some frameworks that are missing. I added Layers CSS and also fixed the link to Twitter Bootstrap. I’ve also created a branch to add the Inuit.css framework, but there’s currently a pull request pending to add Inuit CSS, however it seems to have stalled. So we’ll see if I can send a pull request in the next day or so for Inuit CSS.

I’ve also submitted pull requests for StackLayout, bootmetro, and hopefully Inuit CSS. I have a personal interest in this repository, so I’ll likely keep contributing to it.

Thanks to Razvan for the Inuit suggestion, and Naeem for the Layers suggestion!

If there’s any other frameworks missing, which I’m sure there are, please mention them here and I’ll get them added to the repository. Or, you can even add to the repository yourself by sending a pull request. Here’s how I typically create a branch for a pull request.

  1. Clone the repo (git clone
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b add-specific-framework)
  3. Make your additions to
  4. Commit your additions to your new branch (git commit -am ‘Add some framework’)
  5. Push to the branch (git push origin add-specific-framework)
  6. Create new Pull Request by going to the original repo. There should be a green “Compare and pull request” button that’s not typically there, click it! Enter your comments and wait for the repo owner to merge your branch or suggest some changes.

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