Big List of Sublime Text Themes

Make Sublime Text yours with these Sublime Text Themes

This post simply contains links and images for a LOT of Sublime Text themes. Most work with Sublime Text 3, even though they may say they’re only for Sublime Text 2. People are bad about updating their GitHub readme files sometimes.

Clicking the theme name will take you to it’s GitHub page, while clicking the image will just show you a bigger version.

Got a decent Sublime Text theme I haven’t listed? Please leave a comment with the theme name and GitHub URL if applicable. I’d really like to try making a mostly complete list of Sublime Text themes that are current and not ugly as hell.

Now, to the themes!

1. Platto

2. Night

4. Moka

5. Flatron

6. tech49

7. reeder

8. phoenix

9. Glacier

10. amCoder

11. Minimal

12. Nil

13. Ayin

14. Refresh

15. Freesia

16. Void

17. Kano

18. Higuchi

19. Argonaut

20. Sodarized

21. Devastate

22. Monarch

23. Flatland

24. Flatland-Alt

25. Spacefunk

26. Spacegray

27. Soda

28. itg.flat

29. Sovereign

30. Edgy

31. Candycode

32. A Thing

Reader Suggested Themes Below

33. Centurion

34. Ronan Flynn’s Theme

35. Predawn


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12 thoughts on “Big List of Sublime Text Themes

  1. Really happy to see Minimal color scheme here because it’s often forgotten and is very usable with near-perfect contrast and syntax highlighting.
    EDIT: I made a mistake, I thought it was the minimal color scheme and it’s a theme. Minimal color scheme could be find here (direct link to the file on github)

    Also, a good theme I use is Nexus, forked from Nil but a bit more minimalistic:

    Also, you should point if they’re Themes or Color Schemes or both.

    1. @disqus_tSU5TLoEgT:disqus I tried to keep this list to strictly THEMES. A few of these themes also include schemes, but for the most part, all of these are actual Sublime Text themes.

  2. It would be awesome if you made some mention of how broad or varied the scope coverage of each theme is. Some themes look nice in a stock screenshot but if they only cover a dozen or so scopes then they are a lot less useful and functional than another theme with more coverage.

    Here’s some data and a script that I used to count scopes in a list of themes previously:

  3. I love your Sodarized theme! Thank you! FYI, when you extract it, it doesn’t give it the right folder name. I had to rename it for it to work.

    Question: when I use the mouse to highlight some code, it does it in dark black which is hard to see. I would like to change the color. Where can I do this? Thank you


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