Generate Easy To Remember Random Passwords

SafePasswd is awesome. Most random password generators simply generate random combinations of numbers and letters. Those passwords are often very difficult to remember, making it difficult for users to actually put these passwords into use anywhere. That’s where SafePasswd comes into play.

The default “type” of password generated by SafePasswd is an “Easy To Remember” password. These passwords include a pseudo-word, or words comprised of combinations of letters and numbers that resemble actual words found in the English language. It’s pretty neat, and works very well. I could actually memorize a large number of the passwords generated without much trouble. Definitely much easier than remembering 8 or 10 random numbers and letters.

SafePasswd lets you choose how many characters you want your password to be. The longer the better. You can also choose several different “types” of passwords, the default being “Easy To Remember”. The other types of passwords are “Letters (A-Z)”, “Numbers (0-9)”, “Letters & Numbers (A-Z,0-9)”, “All Characters (most secure)”, and finally, “Hex (0-9, A-F)”.

[Via UNEASYsilence]