General crap

My brother graduated from high school last sunday. It’s a good thing he didn’t get any suspensions towards the end of school, or his graduting might not have happened.

I’ve also been interviewing at Ortho II in Ames. I’d be building and fixing computers for their orthodontic clients. Support phone calls would also be part of my duty. It looks like a fun place to work, quite laid back. I really hope I get that job.

DJ Pi is also about to release Trance Empire Vol 8. He uploaded it to me the other day and I think he’s planning to release it sometime tomorrow. As usual, it will be available on the tracker. Also on the tracker are a couple new Doboy mixes, including Trancequility 30 and Vocal Edition 11.

Also, the DJ Pi website is getting closer to being finished. It looks really good so far!!