Gay Cowboys With Sheep

I really like the new RSS “clips” found in Gmail. I added the Yahoo News most e-mailed feed and saw something about gay cowboys in a movie called “Brokeback Mountain“.

In “Brokeback Mountain”, two cowboys fall in love. OK, thats pretty far from the norm, but I can deal with that. The part that creeps me out is they “fall in love while wrangling sheep in Wyoming in 1963.”

Based on an Annie Proulx’s short story, “Brokeback Mountain” is about two cowboys who meet and fall in love while wrangling sheep in Wyoming in 1963. Their love lasts through two decades as they each get married to women and live “normal” lives.

“Moving and majestic,” said The New York Times; “An American masterpiece” said the New York Observer; “Unmissable and unforgettable” said Rolling Stone.

But The Wall Street Journal asked, “Is America ready for Marlboro men who love men?”

To answer that last question, probably, but should we have to be ready? It just seems like such an obvious attempt to generate hype. But that’s OK, I can’t get past the whole sheep rancher thing. There couldn’t have been a lot to do back then other than fuck some sheep and maybe even a dude here and there.

The story line sounds like it would make a better animated show on Comedy Central or Adult Swim than it does a movie.


Well, now what?

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10 thoughts on “Gay Cowboys With Sheep

  1. Just linked here from Technorati… and this post is painful! What makes you think gay men are more likely to fuck sheep than straight men? Would you have left this post about a movie with a man and a woman who fall in love while wrangling sheep? Do you assume all gay men are also into bestiality?

  2. I don’t think gay men are more likely to fuck sheep. It’s simply an amusing situation. I’d still make sheep fucking jokes if it were a man and a woman. The fact that it involves two gay cowboys makes it all that much funnier.

    Try not taking yourself so seriously, you might find it enjoyable.

  3. Hey, I immediately assumed that a man would rather get close to a sheep rather than a man too. In fact, I think that this is why it won’t get much play in the heartland.

  4. i love to do it to sheep they let you do it as long as you want. They cum when you do and they let you put it in as deep as you want. They are very wet and tight. I’ll take a sheep anyday.

  5. I think if we are referring to the movie….they had nothing else to do…got bored…then maybe this sam has a point….they don’t talk back like women do….baaaaaaad
    business if you get caught though..

  6. Of course gay guys are more likely to be sheep fuckers!!
    Dont you know that these gay homo nancy boys typically put it up each otheres bums??!!

    And the kinky haired ‘afro boys’? Obviously, living proof that gay indians did fuck buffalos!!

    Wake up, lads!! And watch yer rear ends!!


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