Gasoline is Good

…but gas prices suck. I know, it’s expected to start going down in Ocboter or so, but that’s two months away.

I remember when I could fill my car on $15. That’s 12 gallons for $15. It runs me right about $30 to fill my car now. About $35 to fill Ashley’s car at any given gas station.

I can’t continue paying for gas if prices remain as they are. I could walk to work every day, but then I’d have to get up even earlier. And walking in the morning when I’m tired is no fun.

Gas prices here range from $2.26 to $2.55 per gallon. When I first started driving (5 years ago), I remember prices per gallon were just under $1. I would kill for those prices again.

Cheap Gas can help though. I think I’ve talked about it before. A google maps hack that finds the cheapest gas within your area. Really neat tool and probably very helpful when gasoline prices get as expensive as they are.

Personally, I think we as Americans should stop purchasing gasoline for 1 week. Just stop. That’ll make gasoline prices fall off for a while.


Well, now what?

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4 thoughts on “Gasoline is Good

  1. 1 gallon = 3.78 litres and 1 litre of gas her in the uk is 90p (roughly) 90p = $1.62 so per gallon in the UK we pay about $6.12

    Thats 3.78 x $1.62

    its been like that for a long time and will only get worse so stop complaining :p

  2. I know you europeans are used to the high gasoline prices. I am definately not. Costs me double to fill my car compared what it did 3 years ago. I just don’t think the shock has worn off yet…

    Sorry to hear about your Eminem show Bryan. That’s a major bummer.

  3. okay u ppl need to chill for a second gas prices are going down and to the uk guy just cuz ur used to it doesn’t mean we all are so if u don’t have anything nice to say just shut up cuz i personaly don’t want to hear it.

  4. ok Amy, you should consider the fact that these comments and this post was made over 1 year ago, when gas prices were sky-rocketing. 🙂


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