French Muslim Riots Continue

“Paris Muslim Riots” may not apply much longer as rioting is now taking place in at least 20 suburbs of Paris. Why all the rioting you ask? A couple Muslim teenagers were electrocuted when they entered a power substation and got fried. Supposedly they were forced to enter because they were fleeing police. I can’t count the levels of irony there.

Why were they fleeing police? How exactly were they forced to run to a place in which they would be electrocuted? I’m not sure, that’s just the muslim state of mind for ya.

Don Surber makes a good point in saying “one wonders if Jacques Chirac does not want to reconsider his decision not to fight al-Qaeda on Iraqi land instead of France.” Very good point Don. Jacques is a plain and simple dumb ass though, I think that’s probably asking too much from him.

And why won’t the media just acknowledge that those rioting ARE muslims? The Politburo Diktat has an interesting bit about that. There’s a screenshot of Google News, not does the word “muslim” appear on the page.

Wonder Woman adds that Europe “begins to see what their lax immigration policy and aversion to assimilation has wrought. There will be more. And who doesn’t think that Canada will be next?”

Hopefully La Shawn Barber is wrong about this coming to the streets of the United States soon. Should that be the case anytime soon, I’m declaring open season on anyone I deem to be a possible threat to myself and my family. Time to break out the old shotty?

Chad Evans from In The Bullpen writes “Chirac just needs to remind the nation that he did not support the war in Iraq and is not part of the war against Islam started by President Bush. People tend to forget things like that. Because, you know, we are told every violent thing any group of Muslims do is because of the war in Iraq.”

And along those same lines, Patrick at Clarity and Resolve rightly adds “France has been asking for this for quite some time. So have many other European states.”

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UPDATE 11/5: The Brussels Journal has a nice writeup entitled “Why Some Riot and Some Do Not”. Here’s a piece of the final paragraph, Paul obviously knows what’s goin on.

But as long as the Poles are not losing their willingness to work, to create wealth, to improve their lot, as long as they realise that their future is their own responsibility rather than the state’s and the politicians’, Poland’s prospects are bright, while those of Western Europe grow bleaker day by day.


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3 thoughts on “French Muslim Riots Continue

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  3. I am sick of hearing how all these Black,brown & yellow people where once the cradle of civalization if thats the case why are they not even able to make use of the natural resorces in their own countries why is it that they do not have a adaquate systems in place like in euro nations?why the hell do they think euro nations should fix all their problems and give them everything for free & just let them poor in to our accient home lands and rape and murder our people & culture these mudslims will never be french french means franks a tribe that came from germany to the celtic-romanized region of gal. I am sad to say I am a American of french ancestory because of how so many french are just sitting around and not out for the blood of the enemies in their own land!frances social marxist immigration policies are partly to blame,but the french people are also to blame for beeing such sheep mabey this will back the french into a wall and they will have no choice but to get the sprit of the great charles martel in their vains again and fight!


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