Flatland and Flatland-Alt, Two Flat Sublime Text Themes

Flatland, and a derivative theme, Flatland-Alt, are a couple beautiful Sublime Text themes. Flatland is available on Package Control, however, Flatland-Alt must be installed manually, as it’s not on Package Control yet.

To manually install the Flatland-Alt theme, here’s the instructions from the README at GitHub:


Flatland-Alt is a Sublime package. Currently, you must install it manually.

  1. Download the theme files
  2. Unzip the files and rename the newly created folder to flatland-alt
  3. Copy the folder into the Sublime Text Packages folder. On a Mac that’s located at Library > Application Support > Sublime Text > Packages. You can find that directory by selecting Preferences > Browse Packages…

If you’re on Linux, rename the flatland-alt-master folder to flatland-master and move it to ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Packages/.

Flatland-Alt is different from the original Flatland in a few ways, most noticeably is the red color instead of blue. Flatland-Alt also only comes with a dark version and there’s only square tabs. The orange accent color in Flatland-Alt is a nice compliment to the default Numix GTK theme color.

Here’s Flatland


And here’s Flatland-Alt


Both are very nice themes in my opinion, and I’ve used them both before, although not for long periods of time. I just love Spacefunk.

Which do you prefer? Spacefunk, Soda, Spacegray, itg.flat, Flatland, or Flatland-Alt?

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I’ll be posting a few more beautiful Sublime Text themes in the next few days, it’s amazing how many relatively unknown themes are out there, that aren’t total crap. You can probably tell I enjoy rather minimalistic themes with flat, dark colors, and large tabs (sometimes).

Know of any worthy Sublime Text themes I should check out?


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3 thoughts on “Flatland and Flatland-Alt, Two Flat Sublime Text Themes

  1. I had a theme like Flatland except the folders in the sidebar were green, but I formatted my computer and can’t find the theme anymore. Tried everyone I could find. Don’t remember the name.


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