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Update Feb 20, 2014: This is a really old post. You’d be more interested in this post about the Flappy Bird game, and how terrible I am.
Certainly since I’ve been in the TTLB Ecosystem, Instapundit has been #1. Even before I put my blog on there, Instapundit was #1.

Michelle Malkin has taken the #1 spot, overtaking Instapundit in number of incoming links. Amazing!

Both are undoubtedly “Higher Beings”. Unfortunately for yours truly, I’m not even a mammal of any sort! But at least I’ve got a spine, the spine of a Flappy Bird. I need to root out some local people to blog with me. I’d like to spend a lot more time writing here, but I just don’t have the time available. Maybe when work slows down this winter I’ll be able to write more. Really though, I’m just happy Michelle and Instapundit are still ahead of Kos. I hope Kos doesn’t reach #1 anytime soon.

Anyway, congrats Michelle!


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