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Saw this interesting little article about benefits of using the Favicon on your website this morning at Search Engine Roundtable. I use one on this website, it should look like My Favicon.

Having a favicon for your domain name will not currently help your search engine rankings. But it does have indirect benefits that might, in the long run, benefit your site’s rankings. This is the topic of a threat at SEW Forums named Is there any SE benefit to using a favicon.ico file?.

(1) Makes your site standout from the others (since many still do not have favicons).
(2) The extra branding might help you get more links to your Web site, helping with search engine ranking.
(3) On some browsers, that have “tabbed browsing” (Firefox, Ssafari, Netscape), it helps identify which tab has which site in it.
(4)Keeps your error logs cleaner

I started using one just to clean up my log files a little bit. After seeing about a million 404 errors due to a non-existant favicon.ico I got tired of it and just added one.


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