European Intifada Getting Uglier

It’s obvious, that when taken at face value, the ongoing Intifada in Europe is a very bad thing. I think it’ll have it’s benefits when all is said and done though. That is, assuming Europe makes a solid commitment to fighting the war on terror after these riots. After 12 days worth of the insurgency it’s spread to around 300 other towns in France. Those towns aren’t just suburbs of Paris, they’re supposedly scattered throughout the country.

Other countries are now seeing muslim insurgencies of their own. Five cars were torched lastnight in Germany and Belgium. The authorities in Brussels won’t really say what the cause of the fire was, although I’d be suspect considering all 5 were burned in a Muslim neighborhood.

Will the whole of Europe be burning by next week? As was expected, the Muslim insurgency did not stop at the French borders. Last night five cars were torched in Berlin. The cars were set alight in five different streets of Moabit, an immigrant neighbourhood of Berlin, and the Tiergarten area, only a few kilometres away from the seat of the German government. The German police are investigating whether the incidents can be linked to the events in France. Meanwhile, the Berlin police announced that they will step up their presence.

I rant and rave quite a bit in the next few paragraphs, mostly staying on topic. If you’re here for the links you might want to skip the next five or so paragraphs.

I very much hope that Europe and other countries take this seriously. It’s especially dangerous in Europe due to the ease of country-to-country travel. I don’t think enough lives have been lost in France yet for those that hold power to take serious action. It’s sad, but that’s what it takes for some governments so decide they need to intervene. French and European authorities will make a serious and end-all decision eventually. What or when that’ll be is anyone’s guess. I’d like to know the true number of deaths in Paris, there’s a lot of headline reading “First Death Is Reported in Paris Riots.”

If L’Intifada is allowed to resume as-is too long, we’ll see similar insurgencies all throughout Europe and probably around the world. Should the government involved decide to get serious and lay the smack down I think they’ll all realize just how much they’re at risk. Support for the war on terror would be higher than it’s ever been. That’s the one huge, glaring positive coming from the growing Intifada.

Things like this get worse before they get better. And that’s because some governments don’t take violent events seriously enough until hundreds or thousands have died. It’s not the federal governments responsibility for an individuals safety when it’s blatantly obvious the envioronment is extremely hostile. Relying on any government for your immediate personal safety is asking for trouble though. Were I in immediate danger I would either start walkin or I’d head to the nearest gun shop. Sorry, got a little off-topic there, we’ll continue now.

It’s being suggested that the riots in France are an organized insurgency designed to “teach France to behave.”

PARIS, Sept 27 (AFP) – An Algerian Islamist organisation, the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC), has issued a call for action against France which it describes as “enemy number one”, intelligence officials said Tuesday.

“The only way to teach France to behave is jihad and the Islamic martyr,” the group’s leader Abu Mossab Abdelwadoud, also own as Abdelmalek Dourkdal, was quoted as saying in an Internet message earlier this month.

“France is our enemy number one, the enemy of our religion, the enemy of our community,” he was quoted as saying.

France was mentioned 15 times in the text, and the Algerian government was also targeted, the officials said.

That’s disturbing for a number of reasons. The U.S. MSM has lead the public to believe that the United States is target numero uno. Maybe the “call for action against France” and resulting violence is meant as a distraction? Could probably afford them some rare opportunities to engage “the enemy” in much more violent ways elsewhere. Enough theorizing on the totally unknown, time for some links.

Patrick at Clarity and Resolve on the first death: “The vipers that old Europe has allowed to grow in its breast in the name of multiculturalism, are ready to devour their host.” That my friends, is some top-notch anti-jihad poetry. I had to share that.

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6 thoughts on “European Intifada Getting Uglier

  1. Let’s compare the dangers of Muslims in France to Americans in Iraq:

    Muslims in France: 12 days of rioting (so far), approximately 5,000 cars destroyed and one unfortunate fatality

    Americans in Iraq: Three years (so far), approximately 25,000 dead Iraqis and the utter devestation of major cities such as Baghdad and Fallujah

    The French Muslims are really a lot less dangerous than the Americans.

  2. Only thing is, the Iraqis will get a democratic country out of the whole process, aren’t being ruled by a dictator who made it a regular habit to just execute them by the hundreds of thousands or just throw them in jail for whatever reason for who knows long.

    Meanwhile the French can expect another civil uprising more severe than this one if something isn’t done to halt immigration/control

  3. David, it obviously didn’t occur to you that the insurgents we’re fighting in Iraq are the same muslim radicals engaging in violence in France right now.

    Try stepping back for a minute to take a look at the overall picture. Should be as simple as those connect the dots pictures from kindergarten.

  4. When Muslims are throwing molotov cocktails and screaming “Allah Akbar,” we know that this is about more than poverty and discrimination. When Muslims reach a certain percentage of the population, you can expect them to make demands on their host governments. Britain will be next – but I don’t think they’ll try too much here in the U.S., since they know what to expect from a population that still has the right to bear arms.

  5. It’s not quite that simple, The French suburbs aren’t actually a Muslim problem. It’s a problem of unemployement and ghetto building. Many people there are French, please don’t let you mislead by stereotypes.

    Maybe the distance from Europe is distorting perceptions.


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