DVD Burner

I got a DVD burner yesterday. It’s quite nice. I’ve already been able to free up about 50Gb on one of my hard drives. I got a Sony DRU-800A. Ashley got it for me for my birthday along with a 50 pack of 4.7Gb DVD-R’s.

It’s a lot quicker than I thought it’d be. Only takes about 15-20 minutes to burn a full 4.7Gb DVD. I’d been wanting a DVD burner for a while, thanks to Ashley I got one. I hope she doesn’t attempt to buy me anything else for my birthday, I know she will though.

I also installed Windows Vista lastnight, it sucked. It sucked from what I saw anyway. Display was horrible and for some reason isn’t a “proper” internet gateway address. So I couldn’t even get online to get drivers. I hate it when software tells me something I know isn’t true. My router’s IP is, so it IS my god damn gateway address. It was basically just a good reminder as to why I use Slackware.

Oh, below is a picture of the DVD burner.
Sony DRU-800A