DSL Upgrades

My old ISP, MidIowa Net is upgrading our DSL line @ work. They called me yesterday to tell us. That rocks so much because right now, our max download is around 25Kb/s. Max upload is about the same.

Anyway, they said they’re upgrading us to a full dsl line on the 25th. We’re getting a new modem and everything. MidIowa Net is the ISP my family used when I was in high school. Back then they only provided dial-up. They’re a pretty small local ISP serving a bunch of small towns in Iowa.

The best thing about it is they’re upgrading us for free. We barely pay anything for our DSL anyway…

  • What you’re getting is quite nice. I have a 64 kb/s connection and I am very fond of it. Although my father is always downloading whatnot from news nets and such, our net connection is hampered (to about half, so 32 kb/s), it is still very fast, and certainly fast enough for my web browsing, and blogging.

    How much are you paying per month?


  • Pascal, I have cable internet from Mediacom at my house. I’ve been trying to get work to switch to cable internet. With them I get 350Kb/s down and 30Kb/s up. They’re rolling out another upgrade soon which will give 500Kb/s down and 30Kb/s up. That upgrade is free, while you can pay more to get 1000Kb/s down and 100Kb/s upload.

    Mediacom is by far the best choice around here in the middle of Iowa. At least here in Nevada, IA. There’s no DSL besides Midiowa Net or Iowa Telecom. And I believe MidIowa Net just resells Iowa Telecom’s service. At work we have an Iowa Telecom IP address.


  • I live in Canberra, and the internet connection prices are fairly expensive. Our upload speed is 1 quarter of the upload speed! It is as if the government wants more consumers than contributors to the internet…

    We are currently paying 80 AUS $ a month, for our connection. It comes with unlimited downloads, which we definitely require, since we go through over a gigabyte a day. Our company is TPG -> http://www.wtpg.com.au

  • Make that http://www.tpg.com.au – that extra “w” was an error… =P

  • 🙂 I only see 3 “w”‘s your second post…and I didn’t change it. Pascal, I tried sendin you an e-mail but got this:
    “User unknown in local recipient table”.

    Is that normal?

  • Congrats on the new DSL line. I just ordered Adelphia HSI today because my current ISP, Covad Communications was dropping so much. I get disconnected every hour or so right now, so I desparately needed a switch for the summer.

    I hope you enjoy the new line as much as I will enjoy my new 4mbps down/384kbps up cable line : D

  • Jon, you’re lucky. I’d love 384 up from my cable provider. They’ll only give us 256. Even with the new upgrades, which give 5mbps down. A higher tier is 10mbps down/1mbps up for a still undetermined price.

  • http://www.wtpg.com.au

    One extra w.
    Mmh, thanks. I’ll see what’s wrong with that email account. I’ll use my gmail one for the meanwhile.


  • Fixed, I hope.
    Thanks for telling me. 🙂

  • Yeah Tyler, I am pretty lucky. I get 5mbit down and 384kbps up on a 100mbit hub around the network. Not a whole lot of people use the cable around here, so I get decent speeds.