Dropline Gnome 2.6.0-final

Dropline Gnome 2.6.0 is out of -test1, with the final version being released.

As stated on gnome.org, GNOME 2.6 has arrived! Now Slackware users can enjoy crisp, GNOME 2.6 goodness, including the overhauled GTK+ File Chooser and the new Spatial Nautilus file management system. Other changes include new software such as the Beep Media Player and Screem Website Editor, new artwork, and a new windowing system. With the license change to XFree86 4.4, Dropline GNOME has also joined the revolution and moved to X.Org’s X11 server (don’t worry, the nVidia and ATI binary drivers still work). Finally, the Dropline Build System has also been revamped, making it easier than ever to build the desktop from source, or contribute enhancements back to the community. More details on working with the new build system will be available shortly. A full list of enhancements over previous releases is available from the ChangeLog.

Current Dropline GNOME users can upgrade via the Dropline Installer, while new users will need to first obtain the Installer from our download page. A BitTorrent of the ISO image is available as well. Enjoy!


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