Dropbox: Get 5GB of Extra Storage for Free

I’ve been using Dropbox for a very long time. I would totally replace Dropbox with Minus if Minus supported adding a “local” folder to your system like Dropbox does. Unfortunately Minus does not offer that yet, but I hear they’re working on it.

Dropbox has released new beta versions of the Dropbox client. This beta client adds a new feature for auto-uploading photos and videos from your phone to Dropbox. For every 500MB you upload through this auto-upload feature, Dropbox will give you an additional 500MB of storage, for up to 5GB of additional storage.

I had a few GB worth of photos and videos on my phone to upload, so getting that extra 5GB was really easy for me. If you don’t have enough photos or videos to upload, just grab some online and put them into your phone’s picture/video folder. When I started, I had 2.5GB of free storage, I now have 7.5GB.

If you have yet to get a Dropbox account, you can get one here.

You can find the beta Android client at this post on the Dropbox forum.

You can also get this 5GB of additional storage with the beta Windows client. You can download the beta Windows client from this post on the Dropbox forum. There’s builds for OS X and Linux as well, but the auto upload feature only works in Windows currently.