DreamHost Outage

DreamHost experienced some pretty significant downtime yesterday. It started with network maintenance. When they brought a switch back online, it was missing configuration files. Seems kinda silly for a hosting company to not have backups of EVERYTHING.

Anyway, longren.org and various other sites I host at DreamHost were down for a good part of the day. Even the DreamHost Status blog was unavailable.

It had been a long time since a significant DreamHost outage prior to this event. Hopefully it will be a long time before we see an outage like this again.

  • I was looking into Dreamhost for a client site and came across some of your posts. Would it be fair to say you’ve had a lot of problems with their service? If so, how come you dont move to a different provider?

    • There were some issues when I first started using Dreamhost. Been very happy with them over the last couple of years though.