Dreamhost: Generators Caught Fire

OK, Dreamhost has had two outages due to power outages this week. Lots and lots of people are mad. Luckily this is the only site I host with Dreamhost, and this site doesn’t really matter so it doesn’t really upset me.

However, there are lots of people who try to run a business with Dreamhost. They either use Dreamhost to serve their company website or they resell web hosting. In either case, having two large periods of unexpected downtime in two weeks will have a negative impact on business.

On the Dreamhost Status blog, there was mention of a generator catching fire. The mention of the fire is no longer on the Dreamhost Status blog, but I copied the entire text of the post and quoted it at the Slackware Blog.

There has apparently been another power outage at the datacenter. One of the generators caught fire and they were taken offline. We’re waiting for more information and we’ll post here as soon as we hear anything.

I posted some stuff about the outage on the Slackware Blog, including some links to some comments made by some upset customers:

Lots of customers are pissed off, as they probably should be. Those links are to customers comments on the most recent post at the DreamHost Blog. I’m lucky enough that the only sites I have there are personal and don’t really matter. I feel for the people trying to run a business with Dreamhost. I had problems at work with Bluehost, but nothing like this.

One customer thinks Dreamhost should demand compensation from the datacenter in LA for the recent downtime:

I think Dreamhost should look at demanding compensation from the datacentre – and passing that onto affected customers.

A datacentre which says it provides “one of the most sophisticated, redundant power systems in all of Los Angeles” should never have this sort of problems. Sure – I can understand one power outage disaster (accidents happen), but TWO in the space of a week is just unacceptable.

Sounds like a good idea to me. There’s lots of interesting comments at the most recent post on the Dreamhost Blog. Most of the comments are pretty negative and a fair number suggest they’re going to drop Dreamhost and go elsewhere.