I turned off my server tonight. There were some pretty threatening looking storms around here earlier this evening, looks like there might be more coming. So, if any of you notice that your ftp account isn’t working, it’s probably because I’ve turned the server off again. Everyone that has an account has my e-mail address, so let me know if you can’t login.

Work sucked today. I’m gon have to start printing labels for the food we ship out. The girl that normally does it is starting school again. When I told Jon this, he freaked out. He thought I should be doing things that would put my talents to use. Jon’s the warehouse manager in Ankeny…I gotta talk with him quite a bit on the telephone. He’s correct in his thinking though, printing labels is the most mind numbing work I’ve ever done…all ya gotta do pretty much is figure out which labels are needed and switch out rolls of labels when needed…very difficult work. 😉